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Factor 55 FlatLink MultiMount

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FlatLink MultiMount is designed for difficult off camber vehicle recovery scenarios where two different winch pull directions are often necessary. The two additional shackle pin mounting holes provide secure shackle attach points for multiple winch pull directions, while the center hole provides a secure conventional center pull shackle mount point. This arrangement eliminates any shackle side loading forces at the Multimount interface ( Shackles are free to rotate and align to the load directions).

Winching with a bridle arrangement is also possible by using the two outer shackle pin mounting holes in combination with common bridle rigging. Similar to the rest of the FlatLink product line, the MultiMount may be folded flat against fairlead surfaces when stowed, resulting in minimal impact to vehicle approach angles. Engineered, Tested, and Made in the USA.

  • Replace conventional winch hooks with a safer more secure shackle/D-ring
  • Multiple shackle interface for bridle and off-camber towing
  • Replace conventional winch hooks with a safer more secure shackle/D-ring
  • Lightweight – Precision CNC machined 6000 series aluminum
  • No splicing required – titanium double shear pin design
  • Designed for both steel cables and synthetic winch ropes
  • Integrated EPDM rubber pads for fairlead protection
  • Foldable – 1.75” thick (Compatible with all fairlead license plate mounting brackets)
  • For rope and cable diameters up to 3/8’’
  • Fits multiple 3/4’’ screw pin shackles
  • Oval Hole opening connects to either the pin or bow end of common ¾” screw pin shackles
  • Oval Hole opening connects to the pin ends of 7/8” and 1” screw pin shackles
  • Fits over most OEM tow hooks
  • WARNING: Keep forces in line. DO NOT SIDE LOAD SHACKLE
  • Available in Military Specification Anodizing (Mil-A-8625 F Type III) Gray & powder coated finishes
  • 5/8” diameter 6AI-4V titanium double shear pin
  • Max Load: 16,000 pounds
  • Ultimate Strength: 40,000 pounds
  • Weight: 30oz


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